A time of gratitude and excitement

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Earlier in November, something happened at Agape Table that at first put us in a panic, and then lifted our spirits immeasurably.

Our oven broke. We serve breakfast every weekday to an average of 350 people and we do it with one household oven. And it broke. Our exceptional staff made do for a couple of days, but we needed an oven. We contacted the media who responded enthusiastically. Russell, our star Volunteer Coordinator, took to the airwaves to tell the story.

Winnipeggers responded as they usually do – with generosity and kindness. At least five people came forward with offers of ovens, and many others made financial contributions to let us know that they were thinking of us.

It was incredible. We are grateful to our donors for their support; to the media for their interest; and to our whole staff for their skill and passion to get us through a couple of tricky days without skipping a beat. (Karen our cook performs quite a bit of magic in the kitchen!)

We are about to make a bigger change at Agape Table, and we are aiming to make this change without skipping a beat either. As we’ve told the community before, our 38-year-old organization is on the move.

We’ve been a tenant at All Saints Anglican Church for about 30 years. Over the years we have been treated with honour, respect, dignity, and fairness. Our friends at All Saints have always recognized the importance of the service we provide – and we are grateful for their years of support and we wish them well as they redevelop their property.

We are especially grateful for the support of Rev. Brent Neumann and all of All Saints Anglican Church’s leaders in recent months as we have explored our options. They even extended our rental agreement by a few months to help us out.

We are planning to move by the beginning of March and we will have more information for our community very soon.

We feel very positive about the future of Agape Table and we are excited to set up in our new space so that we can continue to feed Winnipeg’s hungry. It has been a remarkable time in our history. We have seen unprecedented levels of food and clothing donations; our donors are responsive; our staff is excelling under the leadership of Steve Prokopec, our Interim Executive Director; and our Board is revitalized. We’re expecting to be in a position to make an even bigger difference in people’s lives!

On behalf of our guests, volunteers, and staff, thank you, Winnipeg, for your support!

Jim Steep, Jade Nayler, Louise Smith, Guy Chartier, David Patton, Stu Slayen, Cathe Umlah

Agape Table Board of Directors

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